Joyce greeted her with a smile. “Nat, I’ve been waiting for you!”

Natalie forced a smile and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“You’re going to be part of an upcoming interview!” Joyce exclaimed, and handed over a document to Natalie.


Nodding, Joyce added, “Yes! An interview session with those from Century—one of the most influential magazines in Aploth! Their chief editor had gotten in touch with me in the morning, expressing their interest to interview you!”

“Why do they want to conduct an interview with me out of the blue?”

Although I’m no longer a nobody, I don’t think I have made a name out of myself to the extent to be interviewed by such a renowned magazine.

It won’t be much of a surprise if they’re aware I’m Mina after the competition, but not many have been made aware of that as of now.

Joyce answered, “Century has agreed to conduct the session because of Mr. Horner’s recommendation and your designs! With that being said, it’s actually a session that’s conducted with another designer.”

“That won’t be much of an issue, but who’s the other designer we’re talking about?”


Joyce replied, “Actually, I’m not sure, but Mr. Horner told me Jessie would

her eyes narrowed to a slit, “Jessie? Is she the one

Jasmine’s studio

“She purchased Jasmine’s studio?”

have just heard about it as well. As of now, it’s still not

at Joyce and asked, “Alright, when will the interview

at Walden Hotel at two o’clock

it’s about time.

took over the document and returned

confusion and thought

her mind and returned

office during lunch hour, she was certain her speculation was right—Natalie was in a foul mood to the extent of having no


as Natalie heard Joyce, she snapped out of confusion

for lunch! Are you

already half-past twelve. She tapped on her forehead

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