Joyce added with a nod, “Well, it doesn’t make any sense for you to give up when you have just gotten married some time ago.”

“I’m afraid the children will be the sole victim of our strained relationship. Shane didn’t even bother to defend them when Jacqueline picked on them over a trivial matter.”

Infuriated, Joyce slammed the table and yelled, “What the heck! How dare Jacqueline pick on my godchildren? This is so irritating! I’ll get her back in the near future! What on earth is wrong with Mr. Shane? How can he neglect his biological children? Wait, it’s your fault for keeping him in the dark!”

“I had long let the cat out of the bag.”

“Huh? Have you told him he’s Sharon and Connor’s father?”

“Mmm!” Natalie nodded and said, “However, he said that was not the case because the DNA result indicated otherwise. He once did it with Connor, and the result indicated they weren’t related at all.”

“Wait! What do you mean?” Joyce was confused and spent the next few seconds gathering her thoughts. “Are you telling me they’re not biologically related? How is that possible? Haven’t you told me Mr. Shane is their father? They can’t be unrelated when Connor resembles Mr. Shane so much!”

“I can’t figure out the things going on as well.” Natalie buried her face in her hands and said, “He’s the only man I have engaged in such an intimate session with. However, the DNA result indicates otherwise. I can’t help but think if someone else was there during that particular night.”

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