It took Jessie a few seconds to gather her thoughts. Once she snapped out of bewilderment, she answered with a smile, “I’ll see you again very soon!”


As Jessie turned around and marched into the hotel ahead of Natalie, Natalie stopped forcing a smile and lost herself in a train of thoughts.

What is it about her that feels so familiar to me? All this while, I thought Jessie was Jasmine, but it turns my speculation has missed the mark.

Jasmine wasn’t as tall as Jessie. On top of that, they’re of slightly different builds. Thus, it’s safe to assume Jessie isn’t Jasmine. With that being said, what’s with this awfully familiar sensation I have?

As she couldn’t recall their encounter, she thought she had run into Jessie on the streets when she was still abroad. In the end, she decided to keep an eye on Jessie.

She had an inkling that Jessie was up to no good against her. However, she couldn’t be sure of the thing the mysterious woman was up to.

Nonetheless, she knew she couldn’t afford to let her guard down against someone with such a strong hostile intent against her.

deep breath and gathered her thoughts for one last time before making her way into the hotel

Jessie sitting next to one another

relatively straightforward interview session. The topic that had been touched on were Natalie and

vision of establishing her own label, tapping into

another’s rival, huh? Correct

heard the journalist’s question, she arched her brows

able to take part in the competition

the offer because I can’t wait to have a showdown with Ms. Smith. When I was abroad, I

and added, “One way or another, the opportunity to represent our neighboring country has done me a

The journalist nodded and directed her upcoming question at Natalie, asking in a calm and collected manner, “Ms. Smith,

can’t wait as well!” Natalie beamed her reply in

the duo. Initially, she thought she could get her hands on some juicy insider news, but her

from her seat and wrapped up the session with a smile. “Alright, I guess that’s all for today! All the best to both

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