Natalie replied with her lips pursed, “That sounds like the best thing to do, but allow me to correct you, Ms. Syke. I don’t have a sister. My brother is the only sibling I have.”

“Oh! I’ll definitely keep that in mind!”


After Natalie put the name card in her bag, she asserted, “It’s getting late, Ms. Syke. I’ll be heading off in advance.”

Jessie waved and bade farewell to Natalie, “Goodbye, Ms. Smith.”

Natalie made her way out of the private room after she responded with a simple nod.


As soon as Natalie departed, she placed her cup of tea aside and started caressing her knees with her face scrunched up in irritation. Her wrath was written all over her vicious-looking face.

A few minutes later, she moved her hands away and returned to her usual calm and collected self, pretending as though nothing had occurred.

Meanwhile, once Natalie departed, she made her way to the kindergarten instead of making a trip back to her office.

She reached the kindergarten after an hour. Once she pulled over at the entrance, she alighted from the car and leaned against it in anticipation of her children.


Two minutes later, she heard someone yelling and cursing.


buff-looking little boys had surrounded

sister is a murderer! That makes him a potential murderer too! We can’t let him off the hook! Hurry


his arms around his head to defend himself, the little boy yelled, “Move away from me!

boys couldn’t be bothered at

parents that were nearby didn’t bother to stop the fight as well. It was a horrifying and heartbreaking

always deemed children the future of

kind nature, there were a selected few who were born

when they’re still so young! This is so

anger anymore, Natalie rushed

they fled the scene the moment

the hook and approached the beaten-up boy instead.

inched away from

the little boy had been bruised all over his body, her heart shattered

he has to go through all this when he’s supposed to have the best time of his life as a carefree

get up on your own?” Natalie asked

the little boy answered in a

please bring yourself up?” Natalie got up ahead of

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