Natalie asked when she heard her son’s question, “Huh? Do you know him?”

Connor nodded, indicating he was conscious of the little boy’s identity. Afraid of embarrassing himself again, the little boy looked elsewhere and announced, “I-I’ll be leaving immediately!

Natalie grasped his wrist and asked, “Wait! Aren’t your parents coming to pick you up?”

She had been wondering why no one had bothered to help the little boy when he was beaten to a pulp. On top of that, his parents were nowhere to be seen.

The little boy started weeping and stuttered, “M-My father has long passed on! I-I have to make my way home on my own because my mother isn’t feeling well!”

Natalie felt awful because of the series of misfortunes the little boy had to brace himself through when he was just a child.

She couldn’t stand leaving the needy children behind ever since she became a mother of two.

Thus, she offered, “Where do you live? I’ll give you a ride home today!”

The little boy gaped at Natalie’s offer. He waved and asserted, “N-No—I-I—”

Natalie interrupted him and asked, “Aren’t you afraid they’re going to pick on you again?”

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