Once she wrapped up the conversation and hung up the call, she saw Natalie and the two little ones the moment she turned around.

Mrs. Wilson stuffed her cell phone into the pocket of her apron and greeted Natalie with a smile, “Madam, you’re back!”


Natalie nodded in return. She asked while having her eyes glued to the suitcase in the living room, “Mrs. Wilson, is that Ms. Graham’s?”

Is Jacqueline moving out soon?

The thought of Jacqueline moving out soon made her ebullient.

Overwhelmed by the great news, she failed to notice the change in Mrs. Wilson’s expression.

Mrs. Wilson shook her head and stuttered in a hushed voice, “N-No, it belongs to Mr. Shane.”

Natalie’s heart sank to the bottom of her stomach when she heard Mrs. Wilson. She felt a chill running down her spine and had a hard time gathering her thoughts. She repeated after Mrs. Wilson, “Shane?”

As soon as she caught Mrs. Wilson nodding, she wanted to say something else but changed her mind at the last minute.


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