Unfortunately, it would take more than a promise to keep Natalie calm. After she took a deep breath, she asked, “If that’s the case, are you indicating things will remain the same into the near future?”

As Shane went dead silent, Natalie closed her eyes and announced, “Alright, I guess I’ll just play along with you.”

She hung up the call once she wrapped up the conversation. After she made her way back to her room, she shut herself in and skipped her meal again.

Concerned, Mrs. Wilson headed upstairs and knocked on the door to check on Natalie. Natalie refused to answer the door, but she reassured Mrs. Wilson she was fine.

Mrs. Wilson knew that wasn’t the case when she heard Natalie sniffling in the room. However, she couldn’t seem to talk any sense into the weeping woman. Thus, she returned to the dining hall in despair.

Natalie, who was in a foul mood, had committed serious mistakes in several deals with different customers. She had handed over the wrong blueprints to the wrong customers.

If it weren’t because Joyce managed to intercept the blueprints in time, things would spiral out of control soon.

to be in a daze in her office again, Joyce barged into Natalie’s office and yelled, “Nat, look at the silly mistakes you have committed over the past two days!” Truth be told, she was heartbroken because

single instruction and requirement of the customers! Not even the agreement that requires your immediate attention has been signed!

table, Natalie remained silent since

you have always been our role model, but you don’t even bother to dress up for work! Are you sure that jerk is worth your time? Can you give yourself a


interrupted her and denoted, “What do you mean I won’t get it? I have had my fair share of heartbreaks with several jerks in the past, okay? At the very least, I’m still able to move on! It’s not an excuse for

stopped at

it comes to handling the challenges in life. At least, Joyce has never given up

held her friend in between her arms, asserting in a gentle tone, “I can’t stand you punishing yourself because of a jerk

of his

isn’t the only man

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