“I understand.” Joyce flashed Natalie a smile and explained, “To be frank, I didn’t know the exact reason because Mr. Shane didn’t tell me. On the contrary, Mr. Campbell revealed some information to me. Well, we initially thought you did something wrong and provoked Mr. Shane, but it turned out that it was related to Yulia instead.”

“My mom?”


“Yes, Mr. Campbell said it’s related to Yulia. Since Yulia passed away and you’re Yulia’s daughter, Mr. Shane has no other option but to vent his anger at you,” Joyce added.

Natalie replied bewilderedly, “But my mom never offended Shane. I mean, the first time she met Shane was four years ago, and she went overseas two days later. When she came back… That is why I’m sure that my mom wasn’t involved in it.”

Besides, if my mom did something wrong, why wasn’t Shane angry back then but now?


Joyce grabbed her hair as she said, “I feel curious about it too. Could it be that Yulia did something in the past but not recently? Also, did she offend someone else from the Thompson family instead of Mr. Shane himself? Perhaps Mr. Shane only knew what happened recently.”

Natalie fell silent upon hearing it. After a while, she calmed herself down and shook her head. “It is impossible. My mom is kind-hearted. Apart from offending Susan, her daughter, and my dad, she didn’t make enemies with anyone else. As for the Thompson family, Shane doesn’t get along well with Sean. Besides, Shane’s parents passed away a long time ago, while David passed away seven years ago.”

“Wait a minute, Nat. I remember you had said previously that Yulia was David’s goddaughter. Am I right? Besides, David brought Mr. Shane up since he was young. So, for Mr. Shane, David is always his closest family member. In that case…”

to David before? Is Shane cold to me because he knew it recently?” Natalie


can’t think of another reason


in her arms and said in a deep voice, “But I’ve no idea about what happened between my mom and David in the past.

said, “Should we ask Jared? Since Jared wasn’t healthy when


“You’re right. I’ll call Jared right

phone. Since it was nighttime in the country where Jared

later, Natalie was surprised to hear Jared’s

am I disturbing you?”

Jared was Natalie’s closest family member

there anything you want to tell me?” Jared coughed slightly

was nervous upon hearing it.

fine, and don’t worry about me,”

Natalie couldn’t be there to take care of Jared, for

the doctor?”

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