Jared frowned as he retrieved his memories. “As far as I can remember, there wasn’t anything wrong.”

Natalie was unsure how she ought to dwell on it.


Meanwhile, Joyce couldn’t stand it and grabbed Natalie’s phone away from her. “Jared, it’s me.”

“Hey Joyce,” Jared greeted her smilingly.

“Good boy!” Joyce said delightedly, “Well, let me cut a long story short. Shane is crazy and abusing Nat mentally. The reason behind it is that Yulia probably did something wrong to the Thompson family. As a result, Shane vents his anger on Nat now.”


“What?” Jared’s smile froze for a while. “How dare Shane do this to Nat! Is Nat alright?”

“She’s healthy mentally but not in good spirits. Anyway, she has felt a lot better after I comforted her. So, we want to figure out what Yulia did in the past to solve the predicament between Nat and Shane,” Joyce explained.

Jared frowned for a while. “I don’t know if Mom ever offended the Thompsons. I can’t recall anything related to it so far.”

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