Natalie narrowed her eyes. “Perhaps, Mom did not have a conflict with David nine years ago. The root cause might be that something unknown happened on the 9th of October, which was when Jared turned three years old. Furthermore, this incident might have involved the Thompson family.”

“That’s quite likely.” Joyce widened her eyes.


Massaging her temples, Natalie continued, “Now, we need to figure out what happened on the 9th of October, when Jared turned three. Once that is done, the problem between Shane and I would be resolved.”

Joyce and Jared nodded.

After thinking about it, Joyce suggested, “Why don’t I search for some clues online? There might be some articles if something major happened to a wealthy family like the Thompsons.”


“That’s a good idea. Thank you, Joyce.” Natalie patted her shoulder.

“You’re welcome!” Smiling, Joyce sat in front of the computer.

Meanwhile, Natalie and Jared started chatting about the latter’s life overseas.

After talking for a few minutes, Joyce announced that she had found something.

“I found it, Nat!” However, her expression seemed quite grim.


skipped a beat. She hung up the call and walked

yourself.” Joyce turned the laptop around


her head and gaped. “It’s the

three years old eighteen years ago, so I searched what happened on the 9th of October that year. It was the day when Mr. Shane’s parents passed away. It’s also

David died on the 9th of

lip, finding it too ridiculous. “How is that possible? How can my mom possibly be related to Shane’s

out, she thought that it was simply

that she was starting to become agitated, Joyce held her hand. “Calm down,

exclaimed Natalie in anguish as she covered her

Perhaps, he really thinks that his parents’ death has something got to do with my mom. However, since my mom’s dead, he can’t seek clarification from her. That’s

is a very grave matter. We must be clear about

“I know. Even if you didn’t tell me that, I’ll still investigate and give Shane a reasonable

years since the incident, it might take a

alright! I can wait no matter how long it takes. I’ll go look

grabbed her bag and left

hand, wanting to

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