When Natalie returned to the villa, she was pleasantly surprised to see Shane there. “Shane!”

He was sitting on the sofa. He raised his head upon hearing her voice, but he quickly looked back down and did not respond to her.

A disappointed look crept into Natalie’s eyes. However, she forced out a smile and walked over. “Are you moving back?”

“I’m here to get something,” replied Shane nonchalantly.

The glimmer of hope in Natalie disappeared as her heart sank.


Noticing the change in her emotions, the kids’ moods worsened as well.

Sharon was quite scared of Shane’s cold attitude. She did not dare to hug him happily like how she would in the past. Instead, she grabbed Natalie’s hand tightly and stared at him.

Connor followed suit. However, he suddenly asked, “Are you planning to never come back again, Mr. Shane?”

“What did you call me?” Shane’s eyes widened as he looked at him.


Connor blinked. “Mr. Shane.”



that they had reverted to the old address, it sounded


even seemed a little inappropriate given they had

the children’s hands.

that they were his children, they would not call him ‘Daddy’

wait for the DNA test results

Connor nodded and pulled Sharon upstairs. Pursing his

kids address

breath, walked toward him and sat down. “I’m sorry that Joyce kicked up a fuss

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“And I apologize

Shane patted his

stairs with a bag. “Mr. Shane,

took the bag and stood

up quickly

things,” replied Shane, pursing

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