Natalie felt a pang of pain in her shoulder, before discovering that her bag had been stolen.

Widening her eyes, she was stunned for a moment before quickly returning to her senses. She ran after that person while yelling, “Help! Catch that thief!”

When the passers-by heard her yells, they all stopped to watch the spectacle. However, none of them stepped forward to help.

Natalie’s heart sank when she saw that. Not dwelling on it, she continued yelling and chasing after the thief.

She believed that there would be some people who were kind-hearted and helpful.


Indeed, while she pursued the thief relentlessly, someone actually helped her to chase him.

The person was extremely quick and caught up with the thief in a moment. After grappling with the thief for a while, he successfully snatched the bag back.

Clutching his stomach, the thief hurled some insults at him before dashing into the crowd and disappearing.

Natalie ran to the kind bystander who helped her get her bag back. With her arms propped on her knees, she panted heavily.


The person passed her bag to her. “Ma’am, here’s your bag.”


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