If there was merely a slight association, he would definitely not treat her so harshly.

Hence, this was the biggest possibility.

However, she did not know how his parents died. The news online did not reveal anything else except for the fact that the then-CEO of Thompson Group and his wife had passed away on the 9th of October.

Shane’s expression was terrifyingly cold. “Since you’ve already guessed it, let me tell you this. Your mom hit my parents with her car and killed them.”

“Impossible!” rebuked Natalie subconsciously as she shook her head violently. “My mom will never kill your parents with her car. She’s not that type of person!”

“Impossible?” Shane took a few steps forward and pinched her chin forcefully.

She grunted in pain as her face scrunched up.

When Shane saw that, he could not bear it anymore and released her.

“If it’s impossible, tell me why your mom acted weirdly on the 9th of October?”

“I…” Natalie was rendered speechless.

her mood become so horrible? When she returned from David’s place nine years ago, completely drunk,

Shane saw Natalie’s increasingly pale face and flustered gaze, he clenched his fists tightly. “See, you can’t even rebuke

my mom

yelled through clenched jaws, “Even till now, you’re still deceiving

Natalie shuddered when she heard him shout, tears welling up in her

was not

related to his parents’ deaths, it did not mean that she was the one who

might be other complications

how much I regret leaving earlier?” Shane stared

about it,

them, there was not a trace of emotions to be found. “I regret falling in love with you and marrying you,

pale. Her mind was an utter blank as she felt like the entire world was spinning around


daughter of his

cheeks. “No, Shane. My mom definitely didn’t do that! I’m already investigating

need for that. I have the video of your mom knocking my parents down,” spat Shane, enunciating

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