She stretched out her hand, wanting to grab Shane’s trousers.

However, he took a step back and avoided her.

His actions caused her to feel extremely hurt.

Not only did he not believe her, but he was also acting so cruelly toward her.

When Natalie thought about that, her heart ached terribly. Even her breathing became rushed.


“I witnessed the scene personally. Do you think that I’ll believe you just because you said these? To protect your mom, you’ve abandoned your morals, Natalie,” mocked Shane. Then, he left without sparing her another glance.

“Shane!” Gazing at his back, Natalie quickly stood up. She wanted to pull him back and stop him from leaving.

There was a voice in her head telling her that once he left the house, it would be the end between them.

Hence, she must not let him leave.


However, no matter how Natalie tried to stop him, Shane’s determination to leave remained firm.


He drove away from the villa.

floor, staring in his direction


Mrs. Wilson came


she had done something wrong.

Natalie continued staring in the direction Shane took

after sitting on the floor for too long, she bent

images flashed past her mind

those images? Massaging her forehead, Natalie felt an indescribable feeling

appear in my

Mrs. Wilson worriedly when

her head and replied hoarsely, “I’m fine. I just had a sudden headache. It’s

saw that Natalie’s complexion was improving, she heaved a

Natalie mumbled in agreement.

her down. She was about to pour a glass of water when Natalie suddenly asked, “Mrs.

Mrs. Wilson nodded.

killed Shane’s

around. “How

them were arguing, she was watching them from

Shane was not spouting nonsense. However, Natalie did not

really did not have a

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