Soon, Natalie was sent onto the ambulance.

Joyce accompanied her as well.


Coincidentally, the ambulance that arrived was from the hospital which Natalie had gone to for the DNA test yesterday.

While Natalie was pushed into the emergency room, Joyce paced outside worriedly.

After a long time, the doors of the emergency room finally opened.


Joyce quickly blocked the doctor who was walking out. “Doctor, how’s my friend?”

“She’s fine. However, she’s not been having enough rest recently and she’s extremely stressed. She’s also slightly malnourished, so she suddenly fainted. Luckily, her baby is fine. She just needs to be more careful in the future,” said the doctor as he took off his mask.

Joyce was stunned. She gaped for a long while before uttering, “What did you say? You said that my friend has a baby… Is she pregnant?”

“Yes. She’s one and a half months pregnant.” The doctor nodded. Ignoring Joyce, who was completely stunned, he turned around and left.


Blinking, Joyce glanced at the emergency room, then at the doctor’s back. It took a while before she could accept the fact that Natalie was pregnant.


She forced out an ugly smile on her face. “Why is she pregnant at this juncture?”

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of water for Natalie. “Alright, stop looking. Your baby’s fine. Drink some water, okay? I

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