“Yeah.” Natalie nodded.

Joyce gasped. “How is that possible? Did Yulia knock them down or not?”

“Definitely not! But I don’t have the evidence for that.” Natalie shook her head in agony.

Massaging her face, Joyce said self-mockingly, “Which gods did we offend? Why are we always involved in grudges with the parents of people we love?”

Natalie remained silent.


Sighing, Joyce continued, “So, you don’t even know if you’re going to keep your baby, right?”

Natalie’s gaze flitted around, signalling her silent acknowledgement.

“Yeah. Mr. Shane’s certain that Yulia killed his parents, and even said that he regretted falling in love with you and marrying you. In that case, he’s determined to cut off all ties with you. Also…”

After a slight pause, Joyce continued, “If Yulia actually did it, Mr. Shane will definitely leave your side. He’ll not accept you, let alone your baby. After all, no one can possibly accept their enemy’s daughter so nonchalantly.”


Stanley could not, so Shane naturally could not.


Natalie knew that Joyce was telling the truth.

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bed, Joyce

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