Natalie looked at him in shock. “How did you get that right?”

Connor chuckled. “I’m a smart boy. I’m now in the eleventh grade!”

“That’s my son!” Natalie grinned and pinched his nose.

Suddenly, Sharon remembered something important. “Mommy, am I going to become an older sister soon?”

“Yes. Are you happy?” Natalie lowered her head and looked at the little girl.

Sharon nodded repeatedly. “Yes! I’m going to be a big sister soon! Yay!” She started jumping with joy.

Natalie instantly asked Connor to stop Sharon from jumping as she was afraid she would trip and fall.

“All right, all right. Calm down. Let’s keep this a secret between us, okay? You can’t tell anyone else about it,” Natalie reminded the children.

Connor nodded and did not ask why.

But Sharon sucked her thumb and asked, “Why can’t we tell people about it? Not even Daddy?”

“Yes. We can’t tell Daddy about it too.” Natalie looked at her seriously.

not tell

held their hands

twins nodded

a noise. He

“What’s wrong?” Natalie asked.

at the front and said, “That’s Joe. Look at those bullies! They’re following

Joe. They were the exact few children

Natalie creased her brows.

boys are trying to bully

decided to step in as she could not turn a blind eye

here, Connor.” Natalie let go

nodded and ran

Joe, who had a pair of rosy cheeks, greeted Natalie in a soft

told the three children to get into the

glare. Disappointment was written all over their faces as they did not get

These kids… sigh…


arrived at Joe’s

a middle-aged woman, who

from her pocket to wipe off the

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