Natalie understood their situation but was not sure how to react to that.

“Let’s not talk about it anymore.” The middle-aged woman put a smile back on her face. “Would you like to come in and have a drink? I want to thank you for taking care of Joe.”

Natalie, who initially wanted to leave, decided to take up the offer after seeing how eager Joe was for her to say yes. “All right.”

“Come on in!” The middle-aged woman gestured for Natalie to follow her.

Joe’s lips instantly curved into a smile.

Natalie opened the door and carried the twins out of the car.

The woman took a glance at Sharon before observing Connor’s facial features.

Her eyes widened like saucers. “Mr. Shane?”

Natalie was taken aback by her reaction. “Sorry? What did you just say?”

There were mixed emotions in the woman’s eyes. “This little boy looks like someone.”

a puzzled look. The woman gasped. To confirm her

Natalie nodded and asked, “Do

speaking, it was impossible for an ordinary woman living in this neighborhood

seemed to know who he was

Who is she?

seconds later, she burst into tears.

brows. She could not

were just talking about Shane, and now she

have recalled something and tugged at Natalie’s sleeve. “Mommy, I think Joe has the same family name

drained out of Natalie’s face.

right. Alice Brown is my daughter, and she’s Joe’s sister.” The middle-aged woman, whose

he did not know what was

grabbed her twins’ hands and said, “Let’s

not expect them to be Alice’s family

interested in befriending the family of a

about to leave, Lucinda fell from her

Natalie from leaving. “Please don’t go! My daughter didn’t try to kill you. She took the

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