There were only Natalie and Lucinda in the compound of the house now.

Lucinda wiped her tears and regained her composure. “At first, I knew nothing about the incident. When I first learned Alice was arrested, my world just fell apart,” she said, “The cops said she attempted murder because of jealousy. They told me she was in love with Mr. Shane from the Thompson Group, but that’s impossible because…”

“Because?” Natalie looked into her eyes and asked.

Lucinda choked for a bit and explained, “Because my daughter is in love with a lad from the Wangton family. Why would she attempt to kill you when she’s not in love with Mr. Shane? But she told me not to appeal, and that’s how she went to jail.”

“So at that point, you knew she didn’t do it but didn’t know the court has found her guilty?” Natalie squinted.

Lucinda nodded. “Yes. When I visited Alice at the prison, she asked me if our debtor had let us off. Mrs. Thompson, you should know we were once a rich family, right?”

“Yes,” Natalie replied.

Looking at the way Lucinda carried herself, Natalie knew she must have come from a well-to-do family.

“Ever since the Brown family declared bankruptcy, we owed our debtors a lot of money, and they threatened to kill us,” Tears welled up in Lucinda’s eyes, but she still forced a smile, “That’s why Alice pleaded guilty.”

to settle all of Brown’s debts?” A

“That’s why when I visited her last month,

“Did they?” Natalie asked.

flashed through Lucinda’s eyes. “The culprit didn’t settle our debts at all, and the debtors still disturb us from time to time. After realizing she had been duped, Alice decided

know what to do. I’m so glad to have gotten to know you today.” Lucinda then grabbed

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know. I’ll help. The culprit is still out there, and perhaps, he or she is still plotting to kill me again. To clear your daughter’s name, we have to nab the


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Thank you.” Lucinda then placed her name card and put it

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