Natalie replied, “I have something to tell him.”

Martha assumed Natalie wanted to clarify what happened the night before, so she gave Shane’s address to her.

She had not been told to keep it a secret anyway.

Natalie smiled in gratitude when she received the address. “Thank you so much, Mrs. Wilson. I’m going to look for him now. Please take care of the kids.”

“Don’t worry, madam. I’ll take good care of them.” Martha nodded.


Natalie left and got into her car.

An hour later, she arrived at Shane’s residence.

After exiting the elevator, Natalie managed to find Shane’s unit number. She then rang the doorbell.

Jacqueline opened the door. Puzzled, she blurted, “Who is it?”

“Why are you here?” Natalie, in turn, was baffled to see Jacqueline too. A ball of rage welled up within her. Shane had given his address to Jacqueline, but not to her, his wife.


No wonder Natalie could not find Jacqueline at the villa. She was here all along.

be standing outside the door. But her face soon broke into a grin. “Oh, it’s you, Ms. Smith. What brings


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to tell Shane that they had gotten the wrong

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concealing the pain she felt, and turned to

Jacqueline did not ask her to stay, smiling triumphantly as she

of red wine. “Jacqueline, who were you

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company after the meeting ended. He asked us

Jacqueline nodded

she laid her head on the steering wheel and closed

wanted to tell Shane that they got the wrong person behind bars. That way, the two of them could come together to discuss how to bring the real culprit to justice. They could use the chance

only did she not find Shane there, she met Jacqueline instead. And that woman behaved

gotten closer to Jacqueline again, just like the way it was

What is he thinking?

think. She pinched the bridge of her nose and

a black Maybach drove

thought it quite suspicious. “Mr. Shane, I think I just saw

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