Shane frowned at the question. “I’ve called you here to discuss Jacqueline’s recovery banquet.”

“Isn’t Mr. Gunn in charge of that?” asked Jackson curiously.


Shane nodded. “He suffered from a stroke a few days ago. He’s now in the hospital, so he can’t do that anymore.”

“Wait, what? Grandpa’s in the hospital?” Jacqueline stood up in shock.

Shane knitted his brows. “You didn’t know?”

Jacqueline’s eyes flickered as she forced a smile. “Grandpa never told me. Maybe he doesn’t want me to worry, because I’m not exactly in good shape either.”

That makes sense.

Shane did not doubt her as he looked away. “Since Mr. Gunn can’t do it now, I’ll pass it on to Jackson. You’re her boyfriend, after all. I’ll assist you.”

“All right.” Jackson nodded.


Jacqueline lowered her head. She was not happy with how things turned out.


She did not want Jackson to be in charge of her recovery banquet, but Shane had pointed out that Jackson was her boyfriend.

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