When Jacqueline saw Shane’s reaction, the corners of her lips twitched slightly. Lowering her eyes, she said, “I don’t know what happened after they fell off the cliff. Sean was never like this before. But right after he got out of there, he started to care about Ms. Smith. So, something must have happened between them. We just don’t know what exactly.”

“Enough!” Shane rudely interrupted her, his fists clenched. “I’ve heard enough. There’s nothing between them!”

Sean broke his limbs when he fell from the cliff. What else can he do? I don’t think Natalie will betray me.

Shane had to admit that he was particularly concerned about the fact that Sean cared about Natalie.

Jacqueline dipped her head. She stopped talking.


She did not mean anything else when she conveyed all that to him. She just wanted him to know that something might have sparked between Natalie and Sean.

Even if he did not believe it, he might be somewhat disturbed by the possibility.

If it came to that, surely Natalie would have other ideas.

At that thought, Jacqueline’s lips curled into a smirk.


Shane rubbed his temples. “That is all. You can go.”


“Fine.” Jacqueline nodded and left.

Shane lifted his head slightly as he leaned against the back of the sofa, allowing his eyes rest from all the exhaustion. Time dragged on before he opened his eyes again. After that, he headed to the bathroom.


day, Natalie went to

When she spotted Natalie, she wheeled over to

“Call me Natalie.”

took note of it, but she did not change the way

help. Just because the woman was friendly to her, that did not mean she had

approved our application. In a moment, they’ll arrange for a car to take us to the

Natalie nodded in acknowledgement.

signing the proof of visitation, they got into the police car and

a call from the police station. He frowned in anger when he

closed. So why is Natalie going to see her? It seems that Alice’s mother is tagging along

and called for his

his desk. “What are your orders, Mr.

for a prison visit,”

moment, but he quickly nodded.

desk, then rose from his seat and put on his jacket before


entered the place, he caught sight of Natalie and Lucinda sitting side by side and

saw him before Natalie did. Surprised, the woman in the wheelchair called out, “Mr.

had been previously acquainted to Lucinda. Before the Brown family went bankrupt, they had

had not been behind bars, Shane would not mind greeting Lucinda

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