Stanley squinted his eyes and said, “No, that wouldn’t be necessary. She already made it clear that she would not be wasting her time on me, so you don’t have to let her know.”

Natalie nodded understandingly.


Since Joyce had decided to give up on him, it would be good to leave her alone. It was not an easy decision for Joyce, and it took her quite a while to get over it, so Natalie did not want to disrupt her peaceful life now.

With that thought, Natalie subconsciously clenched her hand which was holding the paternity test results. The fact that Joyce gave up on Stanley made Natalie think if it was also time for her to give up on Shane and their marriage.

Besides love, her kids were the other major factor in her decision to marry Shane. She thought they were his children, so she did not want to deprive him of a chance to be their father.


Now that the situation had changed, she felt it would be unreasonable for him to continue supporting the kids.

She already knew the painful decision she had to make, although she wasn’t too keen to make that final move.

Thus, she decided she would wait for the report from the private investigator she hired before making that decision.

to calm herself. She then kept the paternity test results in her bag and turned to Stanley. “Stanley, it is getting late. I shall make


as she was leaving, she felt a sudden sharp pain in her head, and fragments of blurred images flashed by in her


and groaned in pain, so he hurried over to support her. “What’s

keep seeing weird stuff,” Natalie remarked


ruled out fever as a cause. “What sort of

an unusual sign in her pulse. He narrowed his eyes and asked, “Are you

than a month,” Natalie replied shyly as

of it.” Stanley’s eyes dimmed as

two days ago,”

be a gynecologist, but I do have some basic knowledge about

as there was a possibility she might even decide

what you were seeing.”

blurred images that evoked a strange

Blurred images?

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