Just like that, the sharp pain in her head was gone, as usual.

Stanley looked down and smilingly offered, “I am not sure too. Should we do a check-up and see if we detect any abnormalities in your brain?”

Natalie thought it was a good idea and agreed to it. “Okay, but we have to schedule it for a later date. I’m pretty occupied today.”

“Sure, call me when you’re free to do so.” Stanley replied.

Natalie gave him a sheepish smile and left.


After leaving the hospital, she did not go back to the office nor the villa but went back to her own apartment instead.

The apartment was left in an abandoned state after her mom passed away. She had not been back since then, and everything was covered with a thin coat of dust. In fact, she could even smell the must in the air.

Natalie looked around the apartment and felt a sense of nostalgia.

At some point, she thought she would never move back there. The situation had changed, and it seemed imminent that she would be moving back there again.


Natalie subconsciously touched her bag containing the


called for a cleaning service for the apartment.

arranging for the cleaning service, Natalie left for the photocopy shop around


to be seen as a gold digger. Gossips like that would badly affect the kids. With that agreement in place, the divorce would be a simple affair as

papers, she could proceed to finalize

in an envelope, together with the paternity test result. Then, she drove back to the villa

see Shane and

They are back together…

in her hand tightly and decided to walk past

her, “Hi

looking at her silently with a

to her heart. Thus, she turned her anger

her remarks and said, “I was merely greeting you. Why do you have

you so you can continue your lovey-dovey act. What a pity that you’ve wasted my good

expect Natalie would be crazy enough to want to pair

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