I see. So that’s how it is, huh?

Shane’s elegant lips were pursed tight.

He felt strange that Joyce who seemed fearful of him every time she saw him, had dared to pull at his hair that time.

If she had not said that she was doing it to avenge Natalie, he would have taken action against her.

Natalie turned the paternity test to the last page and held it in the air. “Great news, you’re right. You’re not their biological father. I always thought you were, but reality gave me a slap in the face. So there’s no way I’d let you raise my two children? You probably find it difficult to accept them now, don’t you?”

Since they were her children, or in other words, they were her mom’s grandchildren.

If he could even get angry with her, how much more so at two kids who were not related to him in any way.

Shane could not refute Natalie’s reasoning as she was right – he really could not accept the two kids.

It had never crossed his mind to stop providing for the two children. Though he could continue giving them the best things in life as before, but he would not love them.

Seeing that Shane kept mum, Natalie felt tired as well. Thus, she put down the paternity test results. “Mr. Shane, please think over what I’ve told you today. I really think that there is no reason for us to go on. Tomorrow I shall go to Thompson Group to go over the evidence you have mentioned, and then, I shall move out.”

At that, Natalie left him alone and headed for the bathroom.

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Shane turned and left.

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