Natalie frowned.

Hmm… So Jacqueline left with him?


Ha! He said there’s nothing between them, but it seems like they’re inseparable.

“Madam, is something wrong?” Seeing Natalie’s expression, Mrs. Wilson asked with concern.

Natalie shook her head. “No, everything is fine.”

She smiled and picked up her fork.

Then, she noticed the plate of roasted pork and suddenly felt nauseous.

Natalie put down her fork and bent over, throwing up as she covered her mouth.

Her face turned pale as she vomited.


Seeing that, Mrs. Wilson was shocked. “Madam, are you alright?”


“Mrs. Wilson, please take the roasted pork away. Just take all the meat dishes away.” Natalie waved her hand, speaking weakly.

“Okay.” Mrs. Wilson did as she was told and took all the meat dishes.


Instantly, the smell of meat was gone, and Natalie felt much better.

to her, and after a few sips, she recovered

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emotional that her eyes were wet.

Natalie smiled in reply.

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lower lip. “Shane now thinks that I am the daughter of his enemy, and so, he is now indifferent towards me. If he knows about the child in my womb now, do you think he will keep the unborn child? He is convinced that our marriage was a mistake, so the child I am carrying is naturally a mistake

calmed down. “That can’t

enemy. He might not want to have this child. Even if the child is allowed to be born, would he love him

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