A complex look flashed across Harrison’s eyes. After staring at Natalie for a long while, he finally broke the silence. “It seems like you really can’t remember it at all. What a pity. Anyway, you should leave. I won’t tell you anything about the happenings back then, unless…”

“Unless what?” She clenched her fists subconsciously.

Upon seeing her response, his eyes gleamed cunningly. “Unless you let Jared return to me and the Smith family.”

Ever since Jasmine passed away, Susan had been nagging him to adopt a child so that he would have a child to take care of him when he became old. She even recommended her distant cousin’s son and took him to their house.

Hmph! Even though Susan said it would be for my own good, I know that she wants her nephew to inherit my property once I pass away. I’m still alive and kicking. Yet, she has started plotting and coveting my inheritance as if she can’t wait for me to be gone. Besides, I’ll never let an outsider inherit my fortune. Hence, all this while, I’ve not given up on bringing Jared back.


“How opportunistic.” Natalie let out a scoff. “Dream on. I’ll never let Jared come back to this household. If you don’t want to tell me, don’t say anything then. I didn’t expect much from you anyway.”

With that, she turned on her heel and left.

Once she was out of the Smith Residence, her head began throbbing in pain again.

The pain was so intense that she had to squat down at once and massaged her temples with a grave expression.

My head had been hurting multiple times today. At this rate, I’ll have headaches all day long.


off a medical consultation anymore. This is

such thought in mind, she


rang from the other side of the

to reduce the pain. “Stanley,


Are you free to have a consultation with me today? Do you mind if I come over



his desk, narrowing his eyes as he stared out

he suspected that a section of her memory was erased with hypnosis, he had been longing to know more about

her memory. At

Natalie drove to the hospital and went straight to his office after she

to her, Jackson was in that hospital as well. Upon seeing her figure walking across the hall, he did a double-take.

here to take a batch of anesthetics. Who would have thought I’d bump into her in this

That’s the Neurology Department.

here for

I do know that he’s back to the city

from the hospital where

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