“Natalie is with Stanley now?” Shane questioned coldly.

Jackson nodded. “Uh-huh. She’s in the hospital where he works. I saw her going to the Neurology Department just now. She should be here for him. Do you want to…”

However, before he could finish his sentence, the caller on the other side had hung up the call. Staring at the screen of his phone, Jackson’s lips unwittingly twitched.

He should be here soon.

Jackson smirked as he could hardly wait for Shane to arrive.


As Shane was rushing to the hospital, Stanley was sending Natalie to the radiology department for a CT scan of her brain.

He wanted to read her concealed memories right away, but at the same time, he was worried if she had any cancerous growth in her brain. Therefore, before he hypnotized her, he decided to have a routine examination first.

After he received the CT film, he went back to his office to take a look at it.

At that time, Natalie was sitting opposite him with her hands clasped tightly on her lap. “Stanley, how is it? Is there anything wrong with me? Is there a tumor?”


She had heard that recurrent headaches could be a sign of a brain tumor.


If it was a benign growth, it could be surgically removed; but if it was malignant, it could grow back after the surgery.

her mind, her



brain,” Stanley said

lean closer, her eyes lighting up. “Really? There’s no tumor –

me.” He chuckled in

and relieved at the same

joy began to well up in

her a piece of tissue. “There’s nothing,

looks okay, what are the causes of my headache

he smiled and replied, “I don’t know the specific cause yet, but I suspect it has something to do with

shock as she suddenly recalled Harrison’s words before she came to the hospital. He said that

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losing a

scared. I know what you want to say. If you’re willing, I plan to hypnotize you and do my best to figure out if there is any problem with your memory. What do you

before, I would undoubtedly reject his help

I don’t have a good feeling about being hypnotized.

couldn’t care less now. I just want to know if I’ve really forgotten

up her mind, she nodded

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