As time ticked away, her eyelids felt heavier and heavier, and finally fell shut.

As he saw that she had been successfully hypnotized, he bent over to get closer to her face and was ready to guide her to find the erased memories when someone barged into the room.

Shane and Jackson immediately rushed inside.

Upon seeing that the two were so close to each other, Shane’s pupil constricted in shock, and the next second, a wave of rage engulfed him entirely. “Stanley Quinn! How dare you!”

Without a second thought, he charged toward Stanley and threw a punch at him.


Stanley sidestepped him calmly and flashed him a smile. “Mr. Shane, I’m not the man I used to be anymore. Do you think you can beat me up easily?”

Shane pursed his lips in annoyance and glowered at him silently before asking Jackson to check on Natalie.

Jackson snapped out of his daze and immediately hurried to her, his heart racing.

Oh my gosh. Luckily, we got here in time!


Otherwise, Stanley would have gotten his own way.


How could he take advantage of Natalie when

too. Why is she here? She knows Stanley is a lunatic, and


she be so

wake up,” Jackson


off, he furrowed his brows deeply and

Shane’s gaze

his glasses, put them on unhurriedly, and answered, “Do

as he suddenly remembered that neurology was not the only branch of medicine he majored in. “Did you

in response, not denying

he did hypnotize her, Shane gritted

Shane, instead of asking the reason I did so, I think you should ask me why she is here.” Shane

Natalie pays him a visit. Otherwise, given his previous misdeed, I don’t think she’ll come to

expression changed instantly. He immediately went over and picked it

Shane froze.

Brain examination?

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