“Mommy.” Natalie arrived at the kindergarten an hour later.

Her two kids were at the entrance, chatting with Joe.


Natalie honked to indicate that she had arrived.

At once, Connor’s eyes lit up when he heard the car honk. He quickly pulled Sharon up. “Mommy’s here.”

“Mommy.” Sharon broke away from Connor and dashed toward Natalie with Connor and Joe in tow.


“Mrs. Smith.” Joe called out shyly.

Natalie smiled. “Joe.”

“Mrs. Smith, this is for you.” Joe took a box out from his school bag.

Natalie bent down and accepted the box with both hands. “What is this?” she asked gently.

“These are cookies baked by my mom.”


her mouth in surprise. “Why are you giving me these

told me to. It’s to thank you for taking good care of my sister.”


Thank you, Joe. Tell your mother I

in prison some time ago. It was so that the staff members

much – just a simple helping hand whenever Alice was

Lucinda for what Natalie had done for

held on to the box of cookies as she ushered

she sent Joe back, the sun had already set.

dinner prepared by Mrs. Wilson, the three of them washed up and went

was preoccupied with evidence that would be provided at Thompson Group tomorrow, as well as everything the detective

wee hours when she

it was a fitful night’s sleep as she fell into a nightmare. She dreamt that she was seated in the backseat of a car in a beautiful dress and playing with a cute teddy bear. Meanwhile, her mother was seated in the front passenger’s seat and talking on the

know who was on the other end of the phone, nor what was being said. However, her mother suddenly got into

car with her mother. She got the shock of her life when she turned around and saw a man and a woman in a bloody mess

fright and bolted upright. Her face was pale, and

air in an attempt to calm herself

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