He couldn’t bring himself to be rude even though Shane was giving Natalie the cold shoulder at the moment.

Natalie nodded at him. “Is he in?”


Silas knew who she was referring to. Pushing up the glasses on the bridge of his nose, he answered, “Mr. Shane isn’t in. He’s having a meeting in the conference room, but you can wait for him inside, Madam.”

“Ok.” Natalie pursed her lips. “Please tell him to come right over after his meeting.”

“Sure,” Silas replied.


Then, Natalie walked into Shane’s office and sat herself down on the sofa.

She looked around and noticed that Shane’s office looked different from before.

The soft toys stood out most among other things in his office.

Natalie’s face paled as she stared at the soft toys and snacks placed on the opposite sofa.

It most definitely wasn’t meant for Sharon and Connor since she hardly brought them over.


soft toys before. It belonged to

probably belonged to her


lips, her heart feeling bitter at that mere

her well. He must have let Jacqueline use his office

on the sofa with her snacks and toys while Shane busied himself with work.

who was dressed in a business suit,

Campbell told me you were here.” Jasmine smiled and

said in a chilly tone, “No thanks. I

Thus, her smile faltered when she heard Natalie said

Natalie looked her in the eye. “I have a feeling

eyes, and her heart skipped a


just trying

and smiled.

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about it either. She placed the tray on top of the

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