Hence, she decided not to put up with it any longer, even though she was about to get a divorce. She wanted to exercise her rights as Shane’s wife since she was still legally married to him and stop Jacqueline from getting a one-up on her.

After all, she didn’t want to end up like her mother, who tried to put up with her father’s mistress and was left with nothing after their divorce.

At that, Jacqueline couldn’t put up with Natalie anymore because of her constant harassment. Thus, she snorted, “Rights?”

“Did I say anything wrong?” Natalie stared at her. “You’re an employee, and I’m your boss’ wife. Have you ever seen a boss’ wife chat with her employees? Even if you did, it would be as per the boss’ wife’s request, instead of the employee herself. Do you understand me?”

“You…” Trembling with rage, Jacqueline didn’t know why Natalie was being so critical today.


“Those are yours, right?” Natalie wasn’t planning on letting her off as she pointed at the soft toys and snacks.

Jacqueline looked warily at Natalie. “What do you want?”

Natalie sneered. “I’m about to ask you the same thing since you placed your personal belongings in your boss’ office. Are you trying to tell the world there’s something going on between you and your boss? Or are you trying to tell everyone you’re the boss’ wife?”

face darkened. She merely gaped at Natalie, unable to summon a


Natalie’s tone dripped


it here because my office is running out of space. Moreover, what’s wrong with putting my stuff here when

one. I’ve never seen god-siblings fantasize about being with one another. How could


that Jacqueline and Jackson became a couple not

approach Shane as Jackson’s girlfriend so that Natalie would put her guard

as a love rival

I can sue you for

We’ll see who’ll have the last laugh. But first, you have to move your things out. This is my husband’s office. How dare you place your

what are you going to do to me if I refuse?” Jacqueline crossed her arms

“Oh, you’ll know right away what I can do

stood up, grabbed the soft toys and

are you doing?” Jacqueline

as she opened the door and threw her things

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