Everyone was stunned upon her words.



They knew the things lying on the ground belonged to Jacqueline, for they had seen it lying around in the CEO’s office every time they went in. Everyone had also tried to guess Jacqueline’s and Shane’s relationship. Some thought they were relatives, while others thought they were a married couple.

After all, Shane was a married man. It was just that he never told anyone who his wife was.

Since Shane didn’t oppose Jacqueline placing her stuff in his office, everyone thought she was most likely his wife. Hence, they treated her more decently than others.


However, who would have thought Natalie was Shane’s wife instead of Jacqueline.

After all that, they were finally able to wrap their head around what was going on. Natalie threw Jacqueline’s stuff out in a fit of rage after busting her.

After thinking things through, the other secretaries started to view Jacqueline in a different light.

In the meantime, Jacqueline was shaking with fury as she glared at Natalie. “How dare you?”


things out,


colleagues would badmouth her. Not only that but she would also be viewed in a

Instead, she looked at the latter calmly and said, “Why wouldn’t I dare? I wasn’t planning on exposing you at first, but you’re crossing the line. How could you lust



Jacqueline has a

Mr. Shane when

disdain coming from her

as she was about to explode, the elevator doors opened, and out walked

frowned when he saw the crowd gathering in front of his

themselves when they heard his voice while Jacqueline looked at him as though

around and looked at Shane calmly. “It’s nothing.


his brow at that. He then lowered his head when he felt he

of snacks

seeing the snacks and soft toys lying on the ground, as well as Jacqueline’s aggrieved expression, Shane

Shane gave the other

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