“How is that possible…” Natalie staggered backward in shock.

She would recognize the mother and daughter who exited the car anywhere.


The reason being the mother was none other than her own Mom. As for the young girl, it was Natalie herself.

My Mom really ran into Shane’s parents!

Frigid chills skittered across her skin as Natalie turned stiffly to look at Shane.

Shane met her gaze with a dark one. “Are you still going to insist that your mom has never hit anyone?” he asked her lowly.

“I…” Natalie’s lip quivered as she couldn’t give Shane an answer. The truth is before my own eyes. What else can I say to defend myself?

The video also reminded her of the nightmare she had experienced last night.

The contents of her nightmare were eerily similar to the video she had just watched. Yet, why did I have that dream? Does that mean that it wasn’t a dream, but a memory?


Harrison once mentioned that she had forgotten a few things, while Stanley also observed that the source of her headaches was her memories. Maybe it was caused by this particular memory? But why did I forget about it?


Natalie’s head began to hurt the more she thought about it.

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Madam get into a fight in the office? Did Mr. Shane injure Madam by accident? If he really hurt Madam, that means that he is a truly violent


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relationship between Shane and Natalie. Thus, he held his tongue when he addressed Shane. “She’s alright. She must have experienced a great shock and fainted. She will be fine after

let out a heavy sigh of relief when he heard the doctor’s

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