Natalie had finally regained all of her erased memories.

Shane’s mood darkened as he rose to his feet. “Natalie, the evidence is right in front of you. Why are you still denying the truth?”

“That’s because my Mom didn’t do it!” Natalie followed suit and looked up at Shane with a calm gaze. “Didn’t I tell you about it yesterday? I let Stanley put me in a trance to check my memory. It’s true that there’s something wrong with my memory, but it’s perfectly fine now.”

“What do you mean?” Shane asked, narrowing his eyes.

“The truth, I remember it now.” Natalie inhaled deeply as she spoke.


“You remember it now? Are you trying to say that you forgot the memory about your Mom running over my parents?” Shane asked with slight astonishment.

“Yes and no. Yes, that I got my memory back, and no, my mom did not run over your parents! How many times do you want me to repeat myself?” Natalie raised her voice in reply.

his lips into a thin line when Natalie raised her tone

video. I saw the death of your parents with my own eyes. The tragic scene left me emotionally scarred and traumatized because I had never seen something like that before. After I returned home, I was haunted by repeated nightmares of the incident.” Natalie paused for a brief moment


to erase all traces of that traumatic experience, Natalie’s mom had asked the hypnotist to craft a happier memory to replace


say is that I’ve remembered everything that occurred on that day. The person

your mom’s?” Shane’s Adam’s apple


300. It was the hottest model amongst the citizens of J City that year. My mom was not the only person who purchased the car. If you don’t believe me, you can visit the car

that’s enough to cleanse the

“Of course not. The day of the accident was the same as my dance competition back in primary school. My mom had picked me up from school, and we were on the way home. Along the way, she got into an argument with Harrison. In the heat of the moment,

dark expression loomed over Shane’s

into both of them. She didn’t know at the time. That’s why she stopped the car and tried to help them. Yet, how was she supposed to save someone who is already dead?” Natalie stepped forward and extended a finger to

Shane remained silent.

hand fall to her side. “Afterwards, she realized that the victims were your parents. She always felt guilty because she couldn’t

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