“Besides, I’ve mentioned it earlier. Your Dad was already dead when my mom bumped his leg. Yet, that specific scene was not shown in the video. There are only two reasons to explain it. One, the video was edited. Two, the person didn’t capture it on the recording.”

Natalie’s words were like a hammer that slammed into Shane’s heart.


Shane’s clenched fists trembled. That’s right, how could I have overlooked such huge anomalies within the video?

“Additionally, there’s a final subject that I’d like to add. I’m not sure if you’ve thought about it before.” Natalie spoke up again.

Shane pursed his lips and replied. “What is it?”


“It’s about Grandpa. Do you think that he would have forgiven my mom if she really ran over your parents? Why would he take her in as his goddaughter?” Natalie said with reddened eyes.

“I’m sorry…” Shane collapsed onto the couch as all of his energy drained from his body. I’ve never thought about that before.

The moment he watched the video, the urge for revenge overwhelmed his logic. Shane never tried to identify the other clues in the video. It’s all my fault.

His haggard face caused a pang of pity and discomfort in Natalie’s heart.




few weeks. She

be able to find the truth. Aside from that, I’ll give you a clue about the killer.” Natalie picked up her bag


Shane lifted his head

me that David had unearthed the true killer. Yet, he let the person go instead of holding them accountable. He even destroyed all of the security footage regarding the incident

Natalie left the

Shane needed a moment

Natalie needed to be alone with her

slammed his fist against the coffee

seem to feel the pain. Instead, he gritted his teeth and forced a name out

death, Sam was David’s only son. Only Sam would earn David’s protection. Why else would Grandpa destroy


cars was something that

seemed to make sense, like

kill my parents in order to obtain the inheritance rights

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