After all, Sam was the brother of Shane’s father. How could he be so cruel?

Of course, the one person who caused Shane to feel the greatest disappointment was none other than David.

To protect Sam, David had ignored the tragic death of his other son.

No wonder Grandpa said that he was sorry before he committed suicide.

In a craze, Shane swept his hand out in a wide arc. With a single blow, all of the objects on the coffee table went clattering to the floor.



The glassware shattered into tiny pieces.

Upon hearing the loud noise, Silas assumed that an accident had occurred. He barged into the office.

“Mr. Shane…” Silas trailed off into silence. Shane was standing in front of the couch with his head lowered. A terrifying and deadly aura was emanating from Shane’s figure. Silas trembled in fear when he noticed Shane’s ominous temperament.


“Mr. Shane, are you alright?” Silas mustered his courage and asked fearfully.



will arrange it right away.” Silas did not ask any further questions and nodded in an immediate


the place

long time and asked a

answer that he obtained was identical to his guess and Natalie’s explanation. Yulia had not caused the death of his

left Shane wholly stunned. When he left the place, his

down the stairs if

asked. His heart ached to see Shane in

Natalie was all

Shane rasped out with

beg for her forgiveness. This is all

Shane to the car and drove

at the villa, it was already dark



yell, Mrs. Wilson rushed out hurriedly. “Sir, why are

is Madam?” Shane returned her

two children would greet him when he returned. However, he noticed that their shoes were missing when he crossed the entrance. Are they still outside and

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