Could it be…

Shane narrowed his eyes and opened the folder.


As suspected, the divorce papers were in there.

The aura surrounding him instantly turned cold. He took the document out of the folder and tore it into pieces before tossing it in the air.

As the shredded paper fluttered in the air, his cruel expression floated to the surface. That was a face that could terrify an army.


You want a divorce? Not. A. Chance.

He never considered a divorce, even when he thought that the driver who killed his parents might have been Yulia.

Now that he had learned that it was all a misunderstanding, there was no way he would agree to a divorce.

Thinking about it got Shane to turn around and walk down the stairs. He headed right for the door.


Mrs. Wilson saw him walking out, so she called out and asked, “Sir, where are you headed to?”


“To drag the runaway back home!” replied Shane grimly before he slammed the door to the villa.

Mrs. Wilson grinned.


She could tell that he had changed. He has turned back to the doctor he used to be. I have no idea what happened to make him change like that, but I am glad.

Shane drove all the way to the apartment.

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