Shane shook his head and replied, “Not yet.”

“Hey, don’t you have a hacker on your payroll? He helped you when Natalie was kidnapped by Sean, right? Why don’t you get in touch with the hacker again? I’m sure he can locate the person who sent you the footage,” suggested Jackson.

Shane narrowed his eyes and replied, “It won’t do any good. I’ve already hired another hacker to investigate the matter. The trail went cold because the footage was sent from a public router.”

“Hmm…” Jackson’s lips twitched a little as he commented, “I guess the culprit is pretty vigilant about this.”

Shane didn’t reply. He didn’t know why, but his head was spinning, and his vision was turning blurry.


“Shane, are you still there?” asked Jackson quickly when he noticed that Shane had been keeping quiet for some time.

Shane shook his head to force his mind to clear up a little. “What?”

“No, I was just worried. I thought something had happened because you were quiet for a while there.”

“Everything’s fine.”


“Okay, then. Well, I should go. I have a date with Jacqueline later,” shared Jackson.


Shane murmured a reply before hanging up.

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