Natalie shifted her hand from Shane’s forehead. Her beautiful face shone with worry.

He’s really burning up. It’s obvious that he had been sick for a while now. Did no one around him notice it?

Natalie sighed and went to the kitchen to get some ice. She wrapped them up in a towel and placed them on Shane’s forehead to try to lower his temperature.

She hoped that it would ease his suffering a little.

There was nothing else she could do after that. All that was left to do was to wait for the doctor to show up.


Soon, the doctor arrived. He gave Shane a shot and attached the latter to a bag of saline before prescribing a lot of medicine.

Even looking from the side got Natalie to feel nervous. “Doctor, is he okay?” asked Natalie after seeing how the man on the bed was no longer frowning as much.

The doctor put his things away and informed, “Yes, he’ll be fine. His fever should go down by the time the saline finished dripping into his system. Let him rest well for now. It seems that his physical state is weakened, and it is likely he has slept little lately. Coupled that with the chilly weather, it was only natural that he developed a fever.”

He didn’t rest well?


Natalie’s eyes shone with realization.


So I am not the only one who hasn’t had a chance to rest well. He has been tired, too. But I guess that makes sense. Who would sleep well after everything that had happened?

“Got it. Thank you,” said Natalie as she forced a smile on her face. She walked the doctor out after that.


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