Natalie left with the empty cup after saying her piece.

The kids didn’t leave with her. Instead, they stood at the side of the bed and stared at Shane.


Shane felt terrible when he looked into their eyes.

There was a time when they would dash over sweetly and give him a hug. Sharon, in particular, always smiled when she saw him.

However, at that moment, neither of them hugged him, and even the way they addressed him had become more distant.


Shane felt like all his previous efforts were reversed, and time had turned back to when they first met each other.

“Kids, I…” said Shane. It seemed he had a lot to say.

Connor held Sharon’s hand and interrupted him, “Mr. Shane, you should hurry and get up. Your breakfast is getting cold.”

After that, Connor led Sharon out of the room.


Shane’s lips curved into a wry smile as he watched the kids walked away.


At that moment, his wife was ridiculously polite with him, and the kids were no longer close to him. He felt lonely, like a widower.

I had it coming, though.


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