Natalie nodded and replied, “That’s right.”

“Ooh, give me the details. What actually happened?” asked Joyce excitedly as she dragged Natalie into the office. Natalie didn’t know if she should laugh or cry about it, but she told Joyce everything, anyway.

After hearing everything, Joyce sighed sorrowfully. “I see. Good thing you recovered your memories in a timely manner. If you hadn’t, the two of you would’ve ended up like Stanley and me.”

Joyce had been investigating the past, and she truly wanted to tell Stanley that her parents were innocent.

Unfortunately, her investigation bore no fruit.


There were times when she really wanted to give her investigation up, but she persisted because she wanted to clear her parents’ good name.

“It’ll be fine. I believe that there will come a day when the truth is revealed,” said Natalie while patting Joyce’s shoulders to offer some comfort.

Joyce nodded with a smile. “I hope you’re right.” She added, “By the way, are you still getting a divorce?”

against the edge of her desk and replied, “I don’t know. I was still adamant about getting a divorce this morning, but Shane


is. You love him, and that is why you’re swaying. This proves that, deep down, you don’t really want a divorce, either,” said Joyce, whose words hit


Given Shane’s style, there is no way he’d come up with something like this to ask for my forgiveness. Someone must’ve been whispering into his ears and giving him suggestions. Do you think I can keep resisting him

replied Joyce as she slumped her shoulders and added, “Women are emotional beings. A few romantic acts here, a few touching gestures there, and poof! We’re right


complained Natalie while rolling

something you have to go through anyway, so why not just give him the silent treatment

and sorry he is for now,” replied Natalie,

“The only question is, what’s

about it in the

talking about the one in your womb. That’s his flesh and blood, after all.

That question touched a nerve in her

lip a little as anxiety

Shane would take the kids

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