Natalie shook her head. She found it both hilarious and infuriating.

She honestly never expected Shane to be so shameless that he tried to get the kids to convince her to change her mind.

Still, Natalie saw how hard Shane had been working lately, and Sharon had already forgiven the guy. Connor hadn’t said anything, but it looks like he’s okay with forgiving Shane too…

Well, I guess I’ll forgive him tomorrow, then. He was a victim and was conned, after all. I might have acted the way he did if our roles were reversed.

He ignored me for a couple of days, and I ignored him for a couple of days. I guess we’re even now.


Natalie made her decision and stroked her daughter’s head before informing, “Okay, go tell your daddy that I will give him the present he wants on his birthday.”

“Okay,” replied Sharon before she turned around and left the room.

“How did it go? Did you tell your Mommy?” asked Shane. He was in the living room when he saw Sharon exiting the room. His tone was nervous when he picked the kid up and hugged her.

Sharon murmured an affirmative reply before she added, “I did.”


“And what did she say?” asked Shane as he stared at the child. He had always been calm, but a hint of anxiety had shown up in his eyes at that moment.


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asked Shane.


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what about what you promised me?” asked Sharon while having her tiny hand out. Shane was still immersed in bliss when she tossed him that question and

the message to Mommy. Now that I’ve done my part, it’s time

He bent down and picked up two bags from the side before handing them over. He informed, “The pink one is yours,

replied Sharon. Her eyes were glowing when she accepted the toys and headed over to her room. She went to deliver the toy to her brother, who was practicing and learning a foreign language at

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