Shane has always been picky about his employees, but he is praising this model so much. This just goes to prove how good she is. If that’s the case, then I won’t have to worry about her messing up during the competition.

“You know her. Her name is Sally,” replied Shane.


Natalie’s jaw dropped, “Sally!”

“Yep,” said Shane before he nodded.

Natalie slapped her forehead and blurted, “How could I have forgotten about her? She’s a natural, and she is the best partner for me!”

“Then I’ll ask her to drop by your office tomorrow,” said Shane as he gazed at her.

Natalie replied, “Okay, thanks.”

“We’re a married couple, it’s only natural that we should help each other. So you don’t need to thank me,” reminded Shane in his deep voice.

Natalie flashed him a faint smile, but she didn’t respond to him.


Shane’s cell phone suddenly rang at that moment.


He fished it out and checked the screen to see that it was a call from Silas.

Shane after


a heartless man who is going after him, even though he

narrowed his eyes and scoffed. “Looks like Sam is finally forced into a corner. Does he

Natalie arched her brows.

guess he’s going to retaliate against

do now, Mr.

going after him? Hah! I will let everyone know who the real monster is. Share the evidence you have on Sam and show them proof of how he

own nephew… That will probably shake

everyone else would regard my cruelty toward Sam as justified, and Sam will

but…” said Silas before he asked hesitantly, “Should I also share his motive

a wild guess,” challenged Shane as a terrifying aura exuded from his

Shane. Don’t worry. I promise that

am cured!” corrected Shane

just need to take a


Was he

later asked, “What do we do

answered, “Ignore them. If they are that worried about following my lead, then buy the shares they hold at twice

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