Natalie worried that, in a fit of anger, Shane would kill Sam.

Of course, Sam would have had it coming, but Natalie didn’t want Shane to commit a crime because he would be imprisoned as well.

That was why it would not be worth it to seek vengeance like that. She wished that Shane would remain calm and locate David’s will. If the will contained evidence of what happened all those years ago, then they could send Sam right to jail. Plus, Shane could always bribe the inmates in the jail to make Sam’s life a living hell if he thinks that jail time is not sufficient to punish Sam for his crimes.

Truth was, she was okay with anything as long as Shane wouldn’t sacrifice himself in the process.

Shane saw the worry in Natalie’s eyes and knew what she was thinking. He calmed down and promised, “Don’t worry. I have you and the kids to think about, so I won’t do anything stupid.”


A vengeance that costs one’s life is not vengeance at all. It’s just being stupid.

True vengeance is making your enemy pay for their crimes and still have the freedom to enjoy the sight of your enemy’s suffering.

Those thoughts were the reason why Shane wouldn’t kill Sam. Still, Shane wanted to go through the motion of crushing Sam’s life while seeking vengeance.

“I’m glad to hear that,” said Natalie, who sighed a small breath of relief after hearing what he said.


Shane hesitated for a few seconds, but he eventually garnered enough courage to step up and pull her into his arms.


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