Sally danced in excitement as she spoke.

Walking the runway for the competition would be the biggest achievement of her career thus far.


Even famous models might not be invited for something that grand, so she was delighted that an unknown model like her had the opportunity to do so. She could already imagine the jobs and resources she would get if she accomplished that assignment well.

It is just a matter of time before I become an international model!

Thinking that got Sally to stare at Natalie like the latter was holding the key that would open the door to her success.


Goosebumps rose all over Natalie when she saw Sally staring like that. The former couldn’t help inching away and asking, “Sal, are you okay?”

Sally cleared her throat. She was embarrassed because she knew that she was acting inappropriately, so she quickly readjusted herself and said, “I’m fine.”

Natalie’s smile returned. She handed Sally a document and explained, “This document contains all the information about the competition’s rules and the sequence that the models would present the clothes. Study them carefully. We’ll leave the country tomorrow afternoon to attend the opening ceremony.”

At first, the competition’s opening ceremony was supposed to be held after Jacqueline’s recovery banquet.


Unfortunately, an earthquake attacked the original site of the competition, so the organizers preponed the competition by six months.


That forced every designer to rush a little, but that was good news for Natalie because it allowed her to bow out of attending Jacqueline’s recovery banquet.

“Okay, I will read up about it later,” replied Sally as she put the folder away carefully.


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she blurted, “Hannah? What credentials does she have? Who would invite

on Hannah’s beauty. Truth was, Hannah had a sexy figure, but she definitely didn’t have the graceful aura to pull off something that grand. If anyone was to force a sophisticated design on Hannah, the outfit will surely look like a piece of cheap clothing. Which designer is stupid enough to invite Hannah to be the model? Seriously, a designer with a sense of beauty like that… Is that even a designer? Won’t they worry

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that’s her! The designer is Jessie

Natalie frowned.

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Natalie nodded in agreement.

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