“And you? Will you be waiting for me as well?” asked Shane, who never answered her question.

Natalie blushed and tilted her head down. She lied, “Nope, I won’t be waiting for you. I don’t care if you come home or not.”

She hung up immediately after.

Shane stared at his phone. The screen had reverted to the home page by then. He chuckled and put his cell phone away before calling Silas in.

“Mr. Shane,” greeted Silas as he stood in front of the desk.


Shane handed a stack of documents over and instructed, “I need you to deal with these issues. I will be heading home earlier today.”

Silas’ lips parted when he replied, “Understood.”

Huh, this is the first time Mr. Shane takes a step back and assigns me these tasks. Back then, he would act as if he didn’t know if it was his birthday or a public holiday. I knew it. It’s different after one gets married and has someone to celebrate the occasion with.

had with him. For the first time in his


side, Natalie put her cell phone away after making that


suddenly came from the second floor. “Ms. Smith,

frowned and tilted her head up. She looked right into Jacqueline’s eyes before pointing out, “I am his wife. Who else would he celebrate his birthday


dimmer, but she was quick to put her smile back on and said, “I don’t mean it like that, Ms. Smith. It’s

and glared over. She then added, “I get to decide whether or not I want a divorce. This has nothing to do with you, so why are

hurt. She bit her lip a little and said, “Ms. Smith, how could you even

is that what you were planning all along?” said Natalie as she pointed at Jacqueline’s heart and added, “We’re the only ones here, so let’s not play this game, shall we? I know why you’re with Jackson. You got into a relationship with him because you want Shane and I to lower our guards when you’re around, right? That way, you

irises constricted. Her body instinctively trembled as

S-She got everything right!

when she saw Jacqueline’s reaction. The former grinned menacingly and dissed, “Don’t be an a*s if you don’t want others to treat you like one. You can lie and hide the truth as much as you want, but the truth will eventually be revealed. You want to replace me? Well, let me tell you something. That. Will.

even if I die, and I will make it so that the thing you want is right in front of you, but will always be out of

covered her lips

an evil b*tch for

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