Jacqueline’s heart skipped a beat.

What is she saying? Does she know that I am the mastermind behind the last two attempts on her life? Or does she know about Shane’s parents…

Jacqueline clenched her fists. She couldn’t stay calm anymore.

It didn’t matter what Natalie had figured out. Either way is bad for me. Looks like I really have to get rid of her.

If I don’t, my life will truly be over once she tells Shane everything. He will never forgive me. Hell, he might even take the entire Gunn family down.


Jacqueline turned a little pale, but she forced a smile on her face and insisted, “I have no idea what you’re talking about, Ms. Smith.”

“That’s okay. You just need to know that I have made a mental note of everything single thing I just said,” replied Natalie before she got up and left.

Jacqueline slumped down onto the floor after Natalie left. The former was sweating so much that her clothes were drenched and stuck to her skin. It got so cold that Jacqueline trembled.

Naturally, Natalie had no idea how Jacqueline reacted after she left.


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