“What? It wasn’t Ms. Smith’s mother?” Jacqueline’s eyes flickered, but she arranged her features to display shock. “D-Doesn’t that mean we misunderstood her? But the video…”

Shane pursed his lips and clarified in a grave tone, “The person who recorded the video deliberately angled it to mislead those who watched it.”

This shooting technique wasn’t uncommon in the entertainment industry.

Paparazzi were especially skilled in this regard.

Jacqueline gulped imperceptibly before replying, “I see. Then who was the one who hit your parents?”


“Someone connected to Sam.” Shane articulated each word.

Jacqueline sucked in a sharp breath. “Your uncle? B-But why would he do something like that to your dad, his own brother?”

Shane glanced at her and said without emotion, “Wealthy families don’t care about blood ties.”

Jacqueline’s heart tightened in her chest.

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