If Natalie didn’t have that face, would it mean Shane would never have fallen for her?

At the thought of this, Jacqueline’s heart raced and her eyes were full of madness.


But soon, Sean’s warning echoed in her mind. Thus, she temporarily dismissed that idea.

I’ll let her enjoy her life for a little longer. And then, I’ll take my time getting rid of her.

Jacqueline’s lips curled into a sneer and she left the emergency stairwell.

When night fell, Shane finally finished work and drove back to the villa.

The villa was brightly lit. As soon as he walked in, the sound of the children’s laughter reached his ears.

Shane’s expression instantly softened.

It had been quite some time since he heard them laughing so happily.


He felt guilty toward both Natalie and the children because of what happened during that period of time. At the same time, he was grateful that they did not blame him for it.


When he stepped into the living room, both children looked in his direction.

Connor stopped laughing and politely called out, “Mr. Shane.”



“Daddy” right after that,

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Shane slowly moved his hands up along her waist and squeezed her


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quickly and looked down to pry away his wandering hands.

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